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Can barely connect to any game since area issues (L6 area)

Wondering if anyone can help.


Last week we received a new SuperHub 2ac. Installed it and got everything set up. I was able to play my PS4 and XB1 games online with no issues.


Wednesday 14th October. There was a issue with phone/broadband/tv in the Liverpool L6 area according to Virgin Media Status website. For most of the day we could not access the internet on any device. Late at night it came back on. I was able to access the internet on all devices.


However ever since the internet came back online in the area. I have hardly been able to play any online games on the PS4 or XB1. If I try and play FIFA 16 on PS4 9 times out of 10 I won't be able to log into the EA servers. But I can sign into XBL and PSN with no issues.


Metal Gear Solid 5 Online is the same. I simply can't log into the server. Again though I still have access to PSN and XBL. Just not any game servers.


If I go to internet connection test on PS4. Most of the time it will just fail on NAT type. Even though I can sign into PSN and party chat with friends. XBL seems fine passing internet connection test.


My XB1 is connected via wifi (5ghz) and my PS4 via wire (homeplug). I have gave both my PS4 and XB1 a static IP each. I have also put my PS4 into DMZ but this has not helped in anyway.


Can anyone give me any suggestions to try and fix this?



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Re: Can barely connect to any game since area issues (L6 area)

Hi ocleot07,


Thanks for posting, though apologies for the gaming problems, I suspect this may be due to a network fault that we're currently investigating in the area on ref. F003950783 that causing slow speeds and latency.


Engineers are currently on the case so hopefully normal service will re resumed in due course.


Feel free to bump us again if you want an update or have any other queries.



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