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Can Cone NAT stop XboxOne Mic working?

Hi there,        a few weeks ago my sons headset suddenly stopped working mid chat / game session and have tried several new items either from microsoft or other manufacturers without any luck at getting it working.

Yesterday I spent a long time with Microsoft support who finally found that the "network is behind a cone NAT" (open NAT on main screen, cone NAT buried behind magic button pressing) which they say is causing the problem and that I must ask for a new IP address to resolve it.

Today I called Virgin Media and explained the situation etc etc who said I need to do a hard reset on the router and my IP would change at this point but to wait a couple of hours as there was a general fault in the area. 4 hour wait and now another hard reset complete, pin in back of reset button for a round a minute, came back on and was reset! Loaded restore file and still same IP and same problem!?

Is this "network behind a cone NAT" normal? and why won't any mic new or old, microsoft or turtle beach work on the Xboxone?

Any help very gratefully received .....

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