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Broadband disconnects when playing FIFA 16 XBOX ONE

Ive had Virgin Broadband for around 2 months but today the broadband has disconnected twice whilst playing FIFA 16. The broadband dies altogether for around 5 minutes (cannot connect on my laptop or phone) even though all the lights are blinking or solid on the hub, and then automatically reconnects. 


PLEASE HELP! So annoying it keeps happening on Xbox One FIFA 16

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Re: Broadband disconnects when playing FIFA 16 XBOX ONE

Hi Henrymouland,


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with Fifa. I've checked your connection and can see that the contention in the area does spike at peak times which may cause poor lag but wouldn't disconnect you like you describe. 

Everything else on the line looks perfectly healthy. Does this only happen with Fifa or does it drop out on other games? Also are you connected wired or wirelessly with the Xbox one? 

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