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Booted from games, capped internet.

Over the past few months I have had absolutely terrible service with Virgin Media and have tried to cancel multiple times and it is next to impossible. My father owns the account but I deal with it and he doesn't have the time to keep trying to cancel it. So the next best step has been trying to resolve the issue.

We pay for 30MB internet and XXL package and I struggle to get even 2mb sometimes. After countless calls we just keep getting told that there is a 'service overload issue' and you are working to resolve it. One time I asked what it means and the phone operator said that too many people are using the service. Whilst I understand and appreciate the popularity, I'm not paying for a 'service overload issue' internet speed. I'm paying for 'Up to 30MB'. I would be okay with this if even on peak times I could AT LEAST get 5mb but it seems a near impossible task. So, I've been dealing with slow speeds but they've been alright enough to at least get some use on the gaming side of things and I'm using that term very lightly. 

However, very very recently in the last few days or so. I've been booted from 95% of my games and I have seen huge lag spikes. The only time my games even become remotely playable is past 2am till noon and then the cycle repeats. I can't understand whats going on. I can't remember the last time I used P2P software to download anything. I don't HD stream movies. There is no heavy use of our line. It is just my xbox with a constant connection and two phone connecting to wifi every now and again. Whats really annoying is to be told on the phone that its my fault for 'all the devices I have connected' when there is literally only one with a constant connection and just mobile phones. 

This also happens with wired and wireless. I also can't afford a secondary router so that method is out of the question.

Can anyone please shed some light on this? 

My Xbox one detailed statistics after a few tests:
Best test
Download Speed: 3.10Mbps
Upload Speed: 1.94Mbps
Packet loss:1%
Latency: 235ms

Worst one
Download Speed: 1.88Mbps
Upload Speed: 9.94Mbps
Packet loss: 74%
Latency: 2034ms

I ran a few of these tests so there wasn't much time between the best test and the worst test.

My network log: 

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Re: Booted from games, capped internet.

Were those tests done wired or wireless? I noticed you have used both but was it really no better at all wired? 

If you contact VM customer services option 4 you could probably negotiate a speed increase at little or no cost. 

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