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Battlefield 4-Bad gaming nights,high pings.

recently ive been having realy bad pings in game which is worrying because i have a top packadge speedwise and my friend in game who lives only just up the road has massively lower pings.

I tried doing a tracert to two servers and both came back like this with realy high pings.


as you can see,my m8 is getting 32ms ping in the same server.

please help.

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Re: Bad gaming nights,high pings.

Hi St4v0,


Sorry to hear you're seeing poor latency in game. I've checked your connection from here and can see no issues. 

Thank you for posting the traces, by the looks of them the issues begins at the games server end which is based in Russia. I assume your friend is tracing to the same server?

I notice the first hop is an asus router, it might be worth cabling directly to the hub just to rule out the asus as a possible cause.

Let us know how you get on and we'll take it from there. 

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