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BF1 and other games poor latency

For a good few weeks now I have found that BF4, and now BF1 I get pings in the 40-80ms region where most of the people I play with who are with other providers are all in the 15-25ms region.  I am on Vivid Gamer and get good download and upload speeds, but not low pings.  I have the SH3 which has had today's update to 9.1.116V running in modem mode and no change. If anything from the graph it appears worse since the update this morning!

I used to get great pings in games, but not for some time now.  I know there was an issue a while back with routing traffic to German servers was being sent through parts of the USA which appeared to be resolved, but I still can't help think there is a bigger issue. 





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Re: BF1 and other games poor latency

Many thanks for letting us know about this 8Ace and apologies for the connection issue experienced.


I can see that you've spoken to the team since posting to chat about this some more.


I've had a look at your account and I haven't been able to detect any further issues with the equipment levels or network segment.


Please get back to me if you're still experiencing problems.


Speak soon,



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