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Average latency has risen + packet loss?

Hi. Please keep in mind that I'm not very tech savvy so everything will have to be explained in simple terms.

As of the past few days, I've noticed that my ping/latency in League of Legends has gone from a nice low average of 23-25ms to abour 40+ but the problem is, even when my ping goes back down to 25, it FEELS like about 200. Sometimes the ping counter does in fact go up to 200 or so. In the game, everything suddenly stops then catches up and I'm usually dead which is very frustrating and when I use an ability/spell or move the character, it happens like half a second/one second later instead of instantly.

It used to feel so smooth now it feels really laggy and frustrating. Unplayable really...

I've tried:

- Turning off the power to the Superhub, unplugging everything, waiting and turning it back on
- Stopping all processes that are using any bandwidth (except for LoL and mandatory processes)
- Made sure that nobody else is using anything on the connection
- Making sure that the LoL servers are fine (which they are)

I want to try reboot the Superhub using the pin reset thing as I can't remember my password to get in to the settings. I know I will have to reconnect any devices but will this change anything else? I don't want to mess anything up...

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Re: Average latency has risen + packet loss?

Hi there leeroytay,


Welcome to the Community!


I'm sorry to hear about the issues experienced.


I'd love to take a further look into this for you.


I am currently unable to locate your account and I have, therefore, sent you a private message for us to chat about this some more.


You can locate my message by clicking on the envelope icon near the top right corner of the Community page.


Speak soon,



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