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200MB Upgrade - Super Hub 3 - Random Disconnects Horrific


To start i work in the cloud software / IT industry and i have run all the basic tests, i've had virgin RF engineers out to my house 2 times and still i am in this position. 

Basically i have paid to upgrade to 200MB broadband from 150 as part of this they gave me a WHITE HUB3  to replace my BLACK HUB2, since this point my internet has gone off and on like a jack in the box, customer support are simply call loggers and when they look at your connection they are looking at an RF connection not a stutter/ping.  Engineers are RF guys so they are simply looking at the connection from the exchange into your house. 

This is now effecting my work life as i cannot use skype for business or gotomeeting without multiple disconnects. 

I see many many other with the same issue but i dont see Virgin addressing the problem, its simply people remotely looking at the feed and telling you their is no problem. 

I need this issue resolve else i will require termination of the contract as virgin cannot fore fill a stable connection. 



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Re: 200MB Upgrade - Super Hub 3 - Random Disconnects Horrific

Hi Tlooney,

Sorry to hear you're getting disconnections. I've just checked your connection from here and can see that your upstream power levels are too high which would cause drop outs as well as fluctuating speeds. I'm surprised the previous technicians hadn't picked up on this though power levels do fluctuate so they may have been fine when they checked. Let's get a technician out to adjust this. I've just sent you a private message to arrange the best time with you.

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