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200 vivid

So our internet once again has been terrible with the speeds settled around 140mbps but feels like dial up. The usual don't work appear like YouTube,Netflix,Xbox etc on a 200mbps package ,which I didn't sign up or want to be upgraded too! My question is will the hub2 straining and making things harder todo like browse the web or watch a video and will I need the hub3? My internet is a major issue and never seems to work like somebody who has lower speeds with another or same isp. I've tested my Xbox one on 4 different households and they work perfectly and as do the games, but at home there awful. Is this a hub related issue or virgin issue? Each time I ask or have an issue it's never virgins fault and must be my end, to which the book is read to me on what todo next. I do understand it's up to 200 but when you get 60mbps less that's kinda a big deal to anybody but 20odd isn't.
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Re: 200 vivid

Wait till you experience 0.5mb on Vivid 200, and less than 10 on most nights.

Look around the forum, everyone complains of the same thing. Slow speeds.

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