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2 months later.. Still getting terrible ping.

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2 months of this... non-stop everyday.. Called up 6 times and had an engineer visit and nothing at all has been resolved or even marginally improved.

For a service where we are paying £35+ a month this is totally, ridiculously awful. The only reason i wanted to fork out on expensive internet was so i didn't have to deal with this crap when i wanted to play games and yeah... I'm now beyond the point where i think this is ever going to be fixed, so now im just venting some anger..

Will definitely be switching ISPs when this contract expires >.<

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Re: 2 months later.. Still getting terrible ping.

As there's been a price rise, you don't have to wait for the end of your contract if you are quick. 150, thinking of leaving us.

For the record though- there's something wrong with your connection that should be fixable. And 35 quid a month for broadband is small beer. But at least you have options now Smiley Wink


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