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**1 Bar in online gaming**

So i had talktalk previously and the connection was usable, never got lag or nothing, the speeds were just bad, the download and upload was terrible, i was getting a 15 download and a 0.7 upload. So i decided to move to Virgin and well......not impressed at all. Can't even play a game of call of duty without dropping to a 1 bar every 5 seconds. My speeds on Virgin: 60-240 ping, 2 download and a 3 upload. How can i fix this? I'm a new costumer and well....not happy. 

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Re: **1 Bar in online gaming**

Hi juliefoster68


Thanks for posting. I'm really sorry to hear of the slow speeds you've been experiencing and that it's affecting you when playing online. 


I can see that there is currently a fault raised for peak time contention (F002986960) with a review date estimated for 30/03/2016. Is it around peak times that you experience these issues or at any time of day? Are you connected wired or wireless when playing COD?


There is also a fault ticket raised for SNR (signal to noise ratio) issues F004260271 which is estimated to be fixed by 04/03/2016. This type of fault can cause slow/intermittent connection. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Speak soon 

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