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youtube activation


how do you activate your youtube account on tivo box and how do i find the model of my box like series ???4/5 etc

its 5 days old off virgin media and a 500gb

i have the number it gives and been to but all

i get it a place to put google email and password

i have a google account on pc and a youtube account on pc.


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Re: youtube activation

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Hi jace1969,


Once you've got the code on your screen from the box, you need to enter that code at

You're presented with a Google login page because YouTube is part of Google. You just need to log in with the e-mail address and password associated with the account you've got registered on YouTube, then you'll get a box where you can enter the code from TiVo.


Hopefully this will help.

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Re: youtube activation



If the link takes you to the Google sign in page it's because you are not signed into Google on your PC.  If you enter your login details you will then be presented with the activation page.



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Re: youtube activation

thanks all for your help


  just a quick one ..what series is my box like is it a series 4 model its a 500gb and on the XL package


thanks again for all your help

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