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xbox 360 hogs bandwidth

hi all


my sone has an xbox360 and connection to xbox live. When he is on the xbox appears to consume large amounts of bandwidth. Is there any way to limit the bandwidth the device uses.


I have a 10MB connection





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Re: xbox 360 hogs bandwidth

Hi there had similar problem in here ended up having to up meggage to 50meg BUT when 2xboxs a laptop and phoe get connected the Xbox gamers are not getting host!! Getting overtaken by ppl with lower meg!! My hubby got host more when we had 30meg??? So honestly I don't know what else to do?? Am hoping when we get boosted to 100meg in July it sorts this problem out!! If not virgin will be losing another customer as ALOT off my friends/family have given up on virgin
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Re: xbox 360 hogs bandwidth

If you're talking about Call of Duty, then you want to be glad you're not hosting because the game applies lag compensation to the host player, which effectively "handicaps" them vs. the rest of the players.


Also, being host isn't just down to how fast your internet it is, it also relies on latencies as well. If you've got a lot of people using your connection at the same time, then someone else who doesn't have all these devices using up bandwidth and adding to the latency will be preferred to you. Also, it depends on location. No point in having someone from the UK host a game where the majority of the clients are from Europe for example.

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