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wireless not working on router



I have a belkin VMDG280 router provided by virgin media and recently the wireless connection has went down all together all my settings are all the same but i just cant connect to the wireless a wired connection does work but  i have other products what can only be coneected wirelessly any help please ??


Much appreciated 



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Re: wireless not working on router

Hi Heather,


I don't work for Virgin Media, but I wondered if I could offer some advice?


Have you tried a 'pinhole reset' of the VMDG280? This should restore it to factory default settings, with the wireless activated. Details on how to do this here:


If this doesn't work, you can log in to the VMDG280 configuration pages in order to verify that its wireless radio is on:


Using a computer that is connected to the VMDG280 via ethernet cable, visit the configuration pages at


The username is admin, the password is changeme (unless you have changed it).


The resulting configuration web pages that are displayed have a series of menus on the left hand side. Under 'Advanced' click on 'Wireless Settings'. Make sure there is a tick in each of the boxes corresponding to 'Enable Wireless Gateway Radio' and 'Broadcast SSID'. If necessary, click on the 'apply' button to save the changes.




I don't work for Virgin Media. Any advice I offer is correct to the best of my knowledge, but is taken at your own risk.
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