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why is upload speed so low?

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why is upload speed so low? what is the maxium upload speed for XL broadband ?


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Re: why is upload speed so low?

Upload speed for most people on XL is 768Kbit which is 0.75Mbit


Some customers on XL are starting to be upgraded to 2Mbit upload. These areas are at

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Re: why is upload speed so low?

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max upload speed for XL is 0.75 Mbps.  If the upstream is busy, then it suffers.  But your upstream is reasonable.


That said, if you're in an upgraded area, your upstream maximum is 2 Mbps.


This can be discovered if you post your FULL modem stats which tells us what you are provisioned for.  As a matter of form, please also post your event log in case there's evidence of a problem.


Use copy and paste to put the stats on your next post rather than using an image.



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