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Message 1 of 2 (322 Views) password forgotten

I have a very old email address from way back - perhaps the days of ntl and something west - over 10 years ago.


My ISP is not virgin or virgin media but the address runs perfectly under Windows XP / Outlook where I saved the password.


I Need to set up Windows Live Mail under W7 and I need the password (and username - is that same as email address??) which I can't remember but ...


to reset it I have to login to Virgin Media and I am not a virgin media customer.  Seems like a dead-end but there must be a way.  All I want is my old password or to reset it and I promise I will keep it securely and retrievable for ever after.


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Re: password forgotten

You are lucky that it is still working as sooner or later it will be wiped from the system as the is no account for it to vbe attached to and therefore no way to retrieve or reset your password, my advice would be to set up a new email account with say and transfer ant emails you need to keep and inform all of your contacts of your new email address.


If you call technical support it will just make them aware of your orphaned address and may speed up it deletion.


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