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virgin media superhub 2...

Hi I have the superhub 1 and the wifi isnt strong enough to reach around my house I have blackspots ive moved the hub and I get different blackspots virgin sent me the dlink 615 and that made no difference ive requested the superhub 2 but refuse to give it me sayin it requires 60mb..

from what ive read the superhub 2 gives out a stronger wifi signal so why cant virgin just help me out...
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Re: virgin media superhub 2...

Maybe because it costs virgin money to send out hubs.
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Re: virgin media superhub 2...

They are helping you out.

you can have a superhub 2 if you upgrade to 60mb
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Re: virgin media superhub 2...

Actually, you could consider rocket DD-WRT on the dir 615 and then cranking the TX power to 91mw which should help the range a bit.


What you could also consider doing is getting a second dir 615 off ebay (second hand) normally you can bag one for around 10 squids, try and get one thats D2 or D4 revision.


Then either setup the second 615 with DD-WRT and configure it as a repeater (which will work but half the wireless performance).


Or much better yet, bag a couple of cheap homeplugs (around £15 - £20) and stick the second 615 at the other end of the house and configure it (either with stock firmware or better yet dd-wrt) as a secondary access point (second hot spot).


That way you will avoid the wireless blackouts, i can tell you your more likely to get better range out of 615 than you will with a superhub largely thanks to the external antennas.


Post back if you need some help configuring a secondary ap or repeater.