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very slow internet and cant watch any youtube video or play video game

Hi there, I have joined with virgin media on 6 September but I am really unhappy with services because before I joined the sales man said you can watch any film or watch live stream. But the true is just ti watch a youtube video I have to wait minimum five minutes. I have contacted with virginmedia and they told me to join community service . I don't know what to do. U really hate slow speed.
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Re: very slow internet and cant watch any youtube video or play video game

Firstly, are you connecting wired or wirelessly to your Superhub? This may have a huge effect on your speed at the moment, especially if you're using wireless.

Secondly, have you phoned tech support at all regarding this? If not, what they'll ask you to do is basically connect directly to your Superhub and access the config pages to change the wireless channel. At the moment it's probably sitting on Auto, which means it's going to be sitting on channels 1, 6 or 11. Generally speaking, every other wireless router in your area is also going to be on one of these channels so to avoid a conflict and to avoid slow speeds, we'd be looking to change that on to one single, static channel.

Connect your PC/laptop straight into the Superhub with an ethernet cable, then reboot your Superhub (take the power out the back or press the power button on the side of the hub without the lights on it). You should find that your device is now connected over the wired connection. Access the Superhub config pages by opening your web browser (Internet explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc) and type in in to the address bar at the very top. Once that loads it'll ask you for a username as password which are on the back of your Superhub.

Once you're logged in you'll have 3 red boxed in front of you, click the first one (WiFi settings). Change the wireless security from WPA-Auto to WPA2-PSK[AES], then scroll down a bit to where it says 'channel'. As I said, the operating channel underneath that will probably currently say either 1, 6 or 11. Where it says 'Auto', click on that and change it to channel 7. Scroll down a bit and click save settings. It'll go through the changes, then save on that channel.

Remove the ethernet cable from your laptop, wait for the wireless connection to be established, then run a speed test. I would recommend the site purely because it's designed the handle better with high-speed cabled connections.

If you're getting somewhere close to the speed you should be getting, try loading up Youtube and seeing if you can watch a video without it buffering or loading.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, try putting the ethernet cable back in and going through the above process again, changing it to channel 8. I'd also recommend trying channel 3 as well if 8 doesn't work either, just to get both sides of the spectrum.

Failing that, if none of them work, I'd certainly recommend giving tech support a call so we can look into it and see if there's perhaps any power level issues within the modem.
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