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unable to join network on ipad

help! i have had my ipad 2 for three months and used it connected to my superhub, no problem. suddenly, mysteriously, in the middle of the night... it kicked me off of my virginmedia network.

my computer, which is going old school cable, still works fine upstairs.

i have tried unplugging and replugging the router, turning off the ipad, resetting network connections... nothing.

initially the ipad wouldnt even find any networks, then it would find mine but not allow me to enter a password. now it allows me to enter a password, it just says it is unable to join the network.

yes, I have tried entering it manually under the 'other' option. Help on 150 is no help because its dealing with an ipad, even though what I wanted to know was about my security settings for the hub.


help, anyone? please.

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Re: unable to join network on ipad

Hi k_rapin

Do you have any devices that are able to communicate wirelessly with the superhub ??

Try logging into the superhub from your wired coinnection and in the wireless section, set your speed to 145 rather than 300.
Kind Regards,

Steve Brett
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