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superhub with 2 xbox 360's

can the superhub have 2 xbox 360 connected online over wireless and both have open nat.


i currently have 20 mb and a dir 615 that can have 2 xbox 360s on it with both open nat.


and a ps3 aswell with open nat


i have just ordered the 50mb upgrade with the free superhub and now wondering if both xboxes will still have open nat on then while online at the same time.



anyhelp would be great

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Re: superhub with 2 xbox 360's

ive made my mind up. ive cancelled my 50mb superhub and keeping my 20mb connection after reading all the other problems other users have had.

Making Waves
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Re: superhub with 2 xbox 360's

i had some issues but got it working ok


check the link


hope this helps



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Re: superhub with 2 xbox 360's

Hi Fawcett,


You should be able to have 2 xbox's conencted by disabling firewall features and IP flood protection in the services tab of the superhub configuration pages.


Peter Rafferty

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Re: superhub with 2 xbox 360's

The SuperHub should actually have no issues with 2 Xboxes connected, even with the firewall turned on. It's only the other Hub that requires a firmware update for it to work properly
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