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superhub error 651 and unidentified network no internet access

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Think I am encountering the full set of issues.

I just got a new superhub 30 mb broadband modem router (????!!).

Can access the internet through it OK with my desktop PC with ethernet connection but can't access wirelessly or directly through ethernet cable with my 2 months old Acer Windows 7 laptop. When I access the wireless network I get unidentified network and no internet access. When I try to access directly through an ethernet cable I get error 651 - modem/router has identified an error. I spent about 4 hours on the phone to VM support yesterday and got no result - VM want me to pay to get this issue resolved with their digital support team !!!??

Has anyone identified a solution to these issues? Have gone through google and windows support forums but not been able to pick out a clear resolution of these issues.

Any help or advice is appreciated.


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Re: superhub error 651 and unidentified network no internet access

Hi pb17,


The error code you have provided appears to be related to an ADSL connection (through the phone line) which is not the type of connection your hub uses (Cable/DSL). You may have a configuration issue with your network card. I would advise getting in touch either with Microsoft or whoever supplied you with the laptop.


John O

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Re: superhub error 651 and unidentified network no internet access

hi i hawwe problem with error 651 but--i use ceble( 2 pc) and wirles (2 ipods and iphones) sems like i swich off my modem from the insaide, i was trying rebot it from pc and pick up last option in setings after that no one can see (pc,ipod,iphone) modem,its resiving signal but not giving it to compters,wen i do trobshot its tel me my cable not plag in ,wen i do anather troblshot its teleng me modem has an error 651 and cant connect,i cant log in to modem to his page to swich back his mode cos i cant get in to from my side hi is konstantly off to resiwe anything from my side,wirlses signal is alsow off,i try do it with thehnical but exept haw to rebot roter they dont no nathing,was doing fully reset of modem stil no result,the lits were i plug in my cable in to modem is of,that mins chanels is swicht of ,

any segestion haw to swich on chanels on modem?

sory for my english

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Re: superhub error 651 and unidentified network no internet access

I have the same problem I have a 2 month old acer aspire 5750z laptop and when connected to the superhub I get unidentifed network no internet access I havent had internet for 40days and and just had a new hub and its still not working inall I have had internet for 3 days so it has worked on this laptop. Did you manage to sort this problem out or how do I do it.