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setting up my on my iphone 3gs



Please can someone help me as this is so frustrating and i have spent hours trying to set up my email on my iphone 3gs.


I have entered my full name, my full email address,


the incoming mail server as

with user name as my email address

and password as my email password


the outgoing mail server as


when i first set it up it said my username and password were incorrect or could not verify (and this is right)


i spoke to virgin help by phone, and they told me to change the port number for incoming settings as 995, and outgoing on primary server as 465.


SSl is enabled on both servers but none of this seems to be working


i am not very advanced with computers or the iphone so can somebody please help with an idiots guide to setting this up correctly PLEASE



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Re: setting up my on my iphone 3gs

the port number for IMAP is 993

the port number for POP3 is 995


Whoever is reading the script at the help desk obviously skipped a line.


These might help:

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