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sending quota exceeded!

Hello. I am co-ordinating a campaign to save a Coastguard station and have gathered 2800 supporters & email addresses, which I need to send a message to.


I've read about email quota using virginmail and/or windows live mail, which have recepient limits of 500 & 100 addressess per message but nowhere do I see anthing regarding the actual number of mail, or addresseess per day.

I've sent to 491 people so far and now I'm getting the message below. If 491 per day is the limit I'm going to be at this for days and days and am not pleased at the prospect.

I'm using windows (live) mail to do this.


An unknown error has occurred.

Subject 'Save Shetland Coastguard SOS - Please Help!'
Server Error: 550
Server Response: 550 5.4.5 Daily sending quota exceeded. h19sm3395371wbc.7
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC69
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 465
Secure(SSL): Yes

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Re: sending quota exceeded!

Hello haethern,


Rate limiting is deployed on our smtp servers. It is a residential service you are using so sending in excess of 500 emails on a daily basis could be classed as Spam which is why there are restrictions in place. Did you send any emails earlier in the day prior to the 491 you refer to below?



Ray Miranda

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