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"To Be Announced" in your guide?

Do you regularly power off your TiVo for any length of time? If so, you could be contributing to a loss of your programme information -


The unique way in which your TiVo operates means that it makes regular contact with the TiVo centre to retrieve the most up to date EPG data and it's correct account status. If the box is switched off, the box will not be able to perform this action and over time, your programme information will diminish and you will be left with 'To Be Announced' throughout your EPG.
Your TiVo box account status could also become corrupted, resulting in your TiVo features becoming unavailable.


We understand that in today's climate, people want to do their best to save energy but the TiVo box is designed to be left on.


So to avoid any disruption to your viewing services, please keep your TiVo box powered up at the mains at all times (leaving in standby is perfectly ok).



Adrian Hayes
Virgin Media