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"Opt-In" for adult-content - really?

Virgin Media have almost always been good to me, I was with NTL before - and when VM took over i had my doubts - and there have been problems, but on the whole i consider them to be the best ISP in the Uk.



However, take a look at this - - If you want to view adult content you'll have to "opt-in" - telling your ISP that you want to view porn.

Surely it'd make more sense to have an "opt-in" option if you wanted it to be filtered - as im sure much more people care less about the occassional dirty link than those that do.


Also, the whole scheme is to "save the children" - Its been pushed onto the government by "Mothers Union" a "Christian Charity" - what a load of bull**bleep**.



This whole thing just seems like one big excuse to drop more internet restrictions, because governments fear what they cannot control - and nobody can control the internet.



To Virgin Media customers reading this -


This may seem like a small issue, it may seem logical, it may even seem acceptable to you - but it will be the start of a slippery slope, the government will decide what you can and cannot view, China's government already do this, and everyone knows how bad it is over there. What if websites go up that offend the current government? Or are deemed to be "radical", they would be taken down and blocked. Anyone who has read 1984, we are entering one of the first stages of an Orewellian state - its time to either speak up, or accept that not only all of us are about to become oppressed, but our future - Think of the Children? Think of their future, i do not want the state dictating what we can and cannot view on the internet - and neither should you.


To Virgin Media -


Shame on you, i realize that you're a corporation thats here to make money - but surely you can see how big an affect this will have on society as a whole? If you give into the government this time, you will be forced to give in next time. We as customers may kiss our freedoms goodbye, but you as a business can kiss yours goodbye too.



The state should not rule the internet, the internet is the last free exchange in the world - what are everyone elses thoughts on this? And how can we fight it? 

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Re: "Opt-In" for adult-content - really?

[ Edited ]

Unfortunately that news report is incorrect.


Virgin Media will NOT be running an 'opt-in' for Adult content


But ISPs moved quickly to insist that the provisions will only apply to people taking out completely new contracts, who will be offered the choice of a connection with "parental controls", or one without


Virgin already offer a Parental Control facility as part of Virgin Media Security so as far as I understand it Virgin will make sure this is offered on every new broadband connection for the customer to choose whether to use it or not.

I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own
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Re: "Opt-In" for adult-content - really?


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Re: "Opt-In" for adult-content - really?

Plus your making it seem worse then it it. It wont be a we want porn on.
it will be we want parental controls off.

most 3g already do this. not jsut blocking porn but facebook and other unsafe for kid sites