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porting ntlworld email address possible?

Can the old ntlworld email addresses transferred like mobile numbers are ported?

I may be moving in a few months time and am undecided about which broadband service I want to sign up to at the new house. A big factor is whether I can use my old ntlworld email with a different broadband network such as sky or BT or even the other much cheaper providers out there. 

In fact come to think of it, even if the new house has a virginmedia connection will I be able to use this same email or will I have to get a new email address?

I also like to dabble in a bit of online gambling and I was wondering if this could be a problem for me when I try and login from a different conection. I have read that they check using ip addresses and refuse logins if there is a mismatch. Is this true?

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Re: porting ntlworld email address possible?

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If you no longer subscribe to the VirginMedia service then your Email accounts will be removed.


So basically if your with another Internet Provider you will no longer have a NTL email address as it will be deleted.


I also gamble online and from different places and have no problems, even if they checked the IP it could change as the IP's are allocated Dynamically.



One to Watch
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Re: porting ntlworld email address possible?

Well if I am allowed to login from different ips then there is less and less reason for me to stay with virgin. Their ever increasing costs is certainly not helping them to retain customers.

It might actually be worth all the hassle involved in informing everyone about my change of email address as well.

If only VM decided to have competitve prices! They would have increased business far more than by putting 99p on line rental here and 50p on a package there. Whoever is in charge is certainly no Einstein. 

Btw thanks for your post  DJ.