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Making Waves
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Registered: ‎03-11-2009

phone line not working

Hi, getting no dial tone on our phones, but  when my friends mobile rings my house phone it has ringing tone but nothing in the house, and i have used my friends landland phone in ours and theres don't ring. Also i'm having trouble with my broadband, it has intermitant conection and modem keeps going off, the phones went off this morning, i have checked all trouble shooting, but nothing happens.  please help.

Forum Team (Retired)
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Re: phone line not working

Hi vraptor,


I've replied to your other thread:





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Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: phone line not working

I have the same problem, no dial tone but  when i ring my  house number from a mobile phone it just rings and rings, help plz Smiley Sad

Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: phone line not working

I also have the same problem. And your website makes it very hard to find an email address so I can simply report the problem.