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micro sim

right,i currently have iphone 3gs with virgin sim card, i purchased a iphone 4 and asked virgin for a micro sim to fit my iphone 4 but to keep the number,they said no problem....

within 24 hours my normal sim would be disconnected and my micro sim would be activated....

4 days later my micro sim still says no service and my 3gs sim is still active,but when i ring virgin they say micro sim is activated when its blatantly not...

and yes the iphone 4 is sim free...ive never known a company have so many problems simply de-activating a normal sim and activating a micro sim...anyone have any ideas that could help me plz,before i just cancel my 30 day contract with them and join a different provider..

thanks in advance

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Re: micro sim

Hi dsmerlin365,


I'm sorry you're experiencing problems with your micro sim - do you know what's been done so far? If a sim isn't responding to activation, it's either replacing the sim or raising it with our IT department to resolve the issue.


Many thanks.

Krystal Evans
Mobile Help & Support Forum Team

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Re: micro sim

My case was supposedly raised with IT on Saturday, still no word on if/when it will be fixed (despite intialy being told it would be at most 24 hours) They are currently quoting 3-5 working days, for a known issue.


Its very underhand of Virgin to sell these when they know theres an issue switching over, and even more so having some customer service staff directly lie about it.


Ive been told I cant cancel my order, which Im challenging, but for now am sat paying for a phone I cant use.

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Re: micro sim

I had a replacement sim (not a micro sim though, but I doubt it makes a difference) and it took over a week and about 7 or 8 calls to get it activated. Like you they kept saying it was when it blatantly wasn't as I was phoning on the old sim.

I eventually got through (using my landline) to someone who actually knew their job and they just 'flicked a switch' and it activated immediately. So bottom line is keep calling until you get someone who knows what the're doing. Good luck
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Re: micro sim

[ Edited ]

ive called every day trying to get it sorted,it was raised with i.t on monday,when i rang up yesterday i was told it be on by the end of the day (wednesday).

i will be canceling my contract on saturday and getting a t mobile micro sim instead,ive given virgin enough time to sort this and its taken nearly a week,im done in now like

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Re: micro sim

Having the exact same problem. Has been flagged for IT but still not working. Old sim still active.