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match of the day catchup?



I forgot to record Match of the Day this weekend and was going to watch it on catchup but for some reason this was not available on catchup when I looked on the EPG.


I thought this was available on catchup before?




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Re: match of the day catchup?

Hi mitch84,


I can't remember if it was on 'Catch-up', it's definitely never been on iPlayer due to the content licensing restrictions. If you usually record it, check to see if TiVo hasn't already picked it up as a Suggestion.


If it hasn't this time, give the show 3 Thumbs Up and it'll get it for you next time, even if you forget.

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Re: match of the day catchup?

Think its the same content licensing restrictions for catch up.

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Re: match of the day catchup?

I remember this a while ago, looking for the same thing after a brillian game on the radio. Went to look for it and couldnt. BBC only has the rights to show the saturday and sunday morning shows of the prem. So it wont be able to show anything other than what they show for Saturday games. Sunday and midweek games are only shown when there on, not available for replay in catchup.

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