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landline doesn't work

my landline has no longer works. i don't get a dialling signal, and i cannot receive calls.


a couple of weeks ago it was possible for me to use your site to diagnose the problem. the remote diagnosis was that i should book an engineer to come out. the booking page however just came up with an error message, saying i should contact virgin by phone. obviously, the pohone doesn't work, and calling by mobile is costly.


please help me via this forum channel.


by the way - it is shabby of virgin to create a customer help area, which just sends you round and round in circles, always stopping at the penultimate step to actually give you any help. if your company help policy is to just deal with queries via this forum, then why not eliminate all the other blind alleys you have set up? it is a frustrating and time robbing task - my landline has been broken for about two months, and i have just not had the time to follow all the channels you have set up, that ultimately lead nowhere.  


please deal with this issue as soon as you can.


thank you.

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Re: landline doesn't work

Hi brokenlandline


Sorry to hear your having an issue


Please can you reply to the private message that I have just sent you


Many thanks



Oliver James Help & Support Forum Team

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Re: landline doesn't work

I have the same problem and only 30 mins of battery left on my laptop! The only help option is a phone number which is no help when your phone isn't dialling in or out. I have been through the checklist - phone works, is plugged in turned on etc.
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