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I am getting intermittent problems trying to connect to the Internet on my desktop pc which is wired into the router, I have tried switching off and on the router without success. My laptop which connects wirelessly does not experience the same problems. I noticed within device manager I am seeing a yellow warning triangle against the above network adaptor. The properties shows the device status as "this device cannot start (Code 10) ", I clicked "check for solutions" and had the message "could not load driver software". The other network adapter listed is an Atheros L1 Gigabit Ethernet, status ok. I have seen references to problems with Atheros adapters and the I am not very technically minded but if anyone can offer assistance it would be greatly appreciated.


many thanks

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Re: - device cannot start

Hi gellebr,


The issue with Atheros adapters is generally with wireless networks: wired connections should not be affected.

From the issue that you've described, it sounds as if the driver software for the network card in your PC is faulty or out of date. I'd recommend that you visit the network card's manufacturer's website, and download updated driver software for the device.

Please let us know how you get on.


David Owen
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