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how to change my Nat settings to open

I have just join the vm team and am using the new vmdg280 hub working not to bad but keeps cutting off my wireless signal to my xbox or my laptop which is a total pain. So anyways called customer service and they told me to change a few settings like disable my firewall and change the channel to 6 and the mode to 145. So done now going onto my xbox its working but when logging into my other cabled  xbox the nat is stricked now. So called back again to be told to change channel to 11 and to the mood back to 300. Still aint working. serchin the Internet for help but nothing so can anyone help me fix my problem

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Re: how to change my Nat settings to open

Hello doughnut,


There is a fault which is currently being investigated when trying to use multiple XBoxes with the VMDG280 hub. Please see here for more information.



Ray Miranda

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Re: how to change my Nat settings to open

Hi ,


Please try to click on this website below for more troubleshooting...


Please revert back if any concerns...






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