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getting fibre optic broadband


I'm currently with Sky Broadband and Southern Electric land line.

I'm thinking about getting the Virgin fibre optic broadband.

Just some general questions:

With Sky Broadband a normal cable is used to connect my Internet,

so when I get the Virgin broadbad, how will the fibre optic cable be set up in my house?

Does someone come and set it up or how exactly?


Do I need to get the Virgin land line in order to get the broadband?

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Re: getting fibre optic broadband

Short Answer

You shouldnt need to do anything as it will have an Ethernet port.


Longer Answer

Sky uses a DSL modem.

If your in a Hybrid Fibre-Optic DSL area then you would have a VDSL modem.

Your probably going to be on a regular DSL line (ADSL most likely).

DSL Modems have an Ethernet port on them, or they can be a combined modem+router.

If your Modem provides Wifi then it's one of these combination units.



Virgin use a Hybrid Fibre Coax system, so the fibre doesnt come to your house, Cable does.

Virgin are currently use a combined modem+router.  It will have the Coax screw into the back of it and then you have 4 ethernet ports and WiFi connection. 


To the end user there is little to no difference, both will connect via WiFi or Ethernet.  The only visible change to the user is the MTU size, and for 99% of users that's not an issue.

I do not work for VM, but I would. It is just a Job.

I would also make websites for them, because the job never seems to require the website to work.

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Making Waves
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Re: getting fibre optic broadband

So when i get the virgin modem, do I just plug everything in like I do with my sky modem?

Or do i get an extra cable that goes from the phone socket to my modem?


Is the cable that you said comes to my house is just basically the same as the copper one that I use for my landline and broadband, but this time it uses fibre optic?

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Re: getting fibre optic broadband

souaden12 wrote:

So when i get the virgin modem, do I just plug everything in like I do with my sky modem?


If your going to say modem your going to need this settings:

------Die-hard direct connection modem user Smiley Tongue
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Re: getting fibre optic broadband

Here's another possible VM customer who might SHAFTED.


If i were you m8 do a google search etc of your town/postcode to see if any VM customers are having high utilisation issues.

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Re: getting fibre optic broadband

Hi souaden12

A Virgin Media modem, assuming this the cabled service, does not connect to your phone line, it is connected to the TV cable (co-ax). The engineer will install this and attach the modem to it. From the modem you can either plug your PC's into it using ethernet, or connect wirelessly to the inbuilt wireless router which is part of the modem.
The copper cable that comes to your house is Copper and is not fibre optic. The fibre optic network starts further out and does not run to the individual customer properties.
Kind Regards,

Steve Brett
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