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free wifi on virgin trains?

why is it ,as a virgin broadband(60meg)subscriber,i do not get free wifi onboard virgin train???
surely i should be entitled to this service ,seeing as they give free public wifi to all the london underground!!!

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Re: free wifi on virgin trains?

Virgin Trains is a different company all together then Virgin Media


From looking on Virgin Trains you will notice that it is not free unless you are traveling First Class

(I have highlighted in red)


You'll also find it's:

  • Superfast, connecting you to the internet as well as your destination.
  • Free, in First Class.
  • Instant, if you have a Wi-Fi enabled laptop you don't need any extra software or devices. Simply connect in a flash.
  • Flexible, choose how much time you need.

Wi-Fi access is free for First Class passengers. A number of package options are open to all Standard passengers.

  Pass Type Validity Period (from first login) Price (inc VAT)
1 hourElapsed Time1 hour£4
3 hoursElapsed Time3 hours£6
24 hoursElapsed Time24 hours£8
30 daysElapsed Time30 days£30
75 minutesMinute Bundle30 days£5
200 minutesMinute Bundle30 days£10

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