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eMail settings for Samsung Galaxy S2

HELP! Being trying for the last few days to set up my email on my Galaxy S2 on vodafone network but ever time I try to add my email settings I get various errors, getting a bit confused about what is needed? is says 'Username' I ahve entered everthing form my name to my email address for both pop and smpt but still can not connect? Have tired both pop/ as well as for SMTP, but its not picking up the setting. Before you say use the the webmail, I would like to have email in a different place to webmail, just me i'm afraid. anyone can offer and tip on what is going wrong? Would be nice if VirginMedia could create an android app for this? :-)
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Re: eMail settings for Samsung Galaxy S2


1.Touch the Menu key
2.Touch Settings
3.Touch Wireless & networks
4.Touch Mobile networks
5.Touch Access Point Names
6.Touch the Menu key
7.Touch New APN
8.Touch Name
9.Enter Vodafone WAP, touch OK
10.Touch APN
11. Enter:
For Pay monthly customers:
For Pay as you go customers:
12.Touch OK
13.Touch Proxy
14. Enter, touch OK
15.Touch Port
16. Enter 8799, touch OK
17.Touch Username
18. Enter wap, touch OK
19.Touch Password
20. Enter wap, touch OK
21. Touch the Menu key
22.Touch Save
23. Touch the circle to the right of the Vodafone WAP profile name you have just created to turn
it green
24. Press the Home key to return to the home screen
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