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cbs drama channel


I am new to virginmedia and cannot find a channel called cbs drama.


This is a freeview channel so am assuming it will still be available on virgin.  If it is not, does anyone know who to contact at virgin to try and get a subscription for it.


thank you for all help



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Re: cbs drama channel

Hi annafarrell



I have just looked for you, and we only do cbs reality channel 148.



Many thanks

Jenny Mc
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Re: cbs drama channel

Following CBS Action be added to the XL package is there any chance that CBS Drama Channel will follow during 2012. I hope so as it would be a good additional channel toi have available to view free.

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Re: cbs drama channel

[ Edited ]

Compared to Satellite there are quite a few channels missing on cable, been like this for years, can't see it

changing soon.


It's a Free To Air channel, so if you have a satellite dish and box, you can watch it that way at no extra cost.


VM - Expensive phone service, 2nd rate TV service, it used to be the broadband that kept customers, but that is going to pot, they just willy-wave with the advertised speed, yet they cripple it now.

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Re: cbs drama channel

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Add CBS Drama to your XL package went to my sons house  who has SKY and l was able to watch Dallas one of my all time Fav programmes cant believe we cant get it on virgin media .... HELP ... thanks Kate56

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Re: cbs drama channel

Freeview channels are not free to be supplied to Virgin, so they have to be careful how many obscure channels they provide, for best value to them and subscribers, and also Cable bandwidth is limited, so you cannot keep adding channels just like that. It's all cost/profit etc... Freeview is a platform, Sky is a platform, Virgin Media is a Platform and they are all supposed to be in free and fair competition (???), so the content of each line up will always differ, except of course Sky are also the only major Live content provider now that VM sold off VM Television channels to Sky creating an even more dominant Sky. I do think, however some of the VM sales teams should not refer to a package as containing Freeview channels, as this is a brand name which is not owned by VM and none of the channels on Virgin Media are free to view, a subscription is required for all of them.

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