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cannot log in to Blueyonder webmail

Been trying to log in to my already migrated blueyonder email for 2 days now and seem to be stuck in an error loop.  Every time I confirm that I am a blueyonder customer it brings me back to the same page with this error message. 


Sign in to email


Your email service is being upgraded. Please enter your email address to check if your account has been moved to our new system.

We are sorry but our system for checking if your email account has been upgraded is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.


I was able to use webmail before the weekend.


Tearing my hair out, as now cannot send any email ! I know my account is working because i can receive email, but am travelling so need to use webmail to reply.


PS using Firefox browser with a mac laptop.


help appreciated


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Re: cannot log in to Blueyonder webmail

Fame sort ot thing here.  Only spasmodics access yesterday, unablr to log on to mail at all today.


This is apalling service!


Fingers out please Virgin!

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Re: cannot log in to Blueyonder webmail

Have you tried logging in using your coded e-mail address (ie> something like - vm018978) that you were originally given?

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Re: cannot log in to Blueyonder webmail

Macdee> are you still having this problem? If you are please reply to my private message (click on the mail icon under the red search buton) and I'll ask the email team to investigate.