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Fresh as a Daisy
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can't login into my E-mail account anymore



I was wondering wether my E-Mail address and account will stay open when I leave Virgin Media. I just left vergin media because I moved and the landlord stays at same house and he is with virgin media already so we are both using his lines so I cancelled my contract. For the last week or so I can't login anymore to access my E-Mails (on website and through outlook as well). I read that they have got problems with the servers. Can this be the problem or is it because I left virgin?




Making Waves
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Re: can't login into my E-mail account anymore

I'm afraid that you will lose all thats in your VM address. all though my prior ISP did offer the chance @ £5.00 a year to access your incoming emai,l but I'm pretty sure this was incoming only you couldn't send any replies from there.


If any, thats a good reason to use maybe Hotmail, Yahoo mail, or Google mail.