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bill query



just got my most recent bill...not sure what some of the costs are for though - I've got a charge for a personal number text and a £1.00 charge for using the internet (21KB). I've no idea what the personal number text was and I know last month I was still within my data cap so no idea what the data charge is for?!


can anyone help...

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Re: bill query

Phone 789 and speak to CS

Billing queries can't be discussed on the forum
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Re: bill query

Hi kfridge,


I'm sorry to hear you been charged extra on your bill. You can check the bill in detail on-line on ''Your Account' but our customer care team will be able to look in to this further for you.


Please call our customer care team on on 789 (any Virgin Mobile Phone) or 150 (Virgin Land line) or 0845 6000 789 (from any other Landline).


Let me know how it goes,

Rita B
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