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Youtube videos wont load

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This past weekly, suddenly i'm having mega issues watching youtube.

They either won't load atall or take forever to load.


My speeds on everything else are fine & when i called Virgin they flat out refused to help me because everything else was working bar Youtube.


It is NOT youtubes issue it is Virgins.


It is the same on ALL browsers.


Any advice?


I'm in Manchester on 120 meg.


Edit:  If i constantly refresh the video, on about the 6th refresh the video will load/buffer instantly & play perfectly fine like it has done for the last 3years.

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Re: Youtube videos wont load

I'm having the same issue. Noticed a lot of other posts seem to be going up as well about this problem.


Calling Virgin they advise it's not an issue their end. I began having problems about a week ago. I visited my mum at the weekend and her BT connection streamed Youtube videos without any problems. I return home on Monday and I am still having the same problems.


Tried various devices, re-booting the router etc. The videos stream fine in HD over 3G on my mobile network. It's defnintely something to do with Virgin.

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Re: Youtube videos wont load

It is 100% their issue. If you type the url of the video into hidemyass  then it works fine as it's a proxy