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You don't have permission to access



I've recently began to get the following error message in my admin on my shopping site :



You dont have permission to access / xxxxxx on this server.



(xxxxxx represents the section of the site I'm trying to access)


I'm NOT getting this message all the time and there is no obvious pattern to when its happening. My actual store has also displayed the error message to me a couple of times over the past few days but i'm in my sites admin pages much more so am noticing it in there.


My host is adamant that at their end they are not getting any error mesages when checking my site. I've tried both of the pc's I have at home and get the error message on both (they have different operating systems, I've tried different browsers etc etc)


Now my host is telling me to check my ISP to see if the problem is with them. The last suggestion from my host was that it may be because I've got a static ip?


Can someone please help?






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Re: You don't have permission to access

Hello souljacker1974,


I'm not aware of anything on our service that would cause this error. It's usually the site you are using has an error/fault on it(I get that myself from time to time). I have seen you have spoke to them but I can only suggest try and escalate the issue further with them. It could be a account issue with that site, have you tried accessing it from another location(internet cafe, family or friends house)


At the chance of this being a PC issue(I know you have two) but have you checked both of the machines firewall settings?  


IP addresses are given out dynamically, which means your IP address will change automatically over time. However you could have an IP address for a few minutes to a few weeks possibly a month. If the site is blocking your IP address you get from the virgin network then you can try rebooting your equipment a few times or leaving it off for an hour or two. Then switch back on, when the router reconnects to the network it might get a new IP address and let you access to site problem free. 


This issue would be out of our control, if the site doesn't like the IP then it would be an issue with the site you are using.

Kind Regards,

Help & Support Forum Team

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