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Re: Yodel Delivery Problems

send the police to collect it for you.. you are in your rights to get police too.if this helps Smiley Happy update on me > 

soon as i got off the phone to cancel me contract guess who knocked on me door. Yodel.. i now have my phone and had to ring virgin again to activate contract.. all is good now i also got my postage refunded. contact CEO of Yodel she will send out a delivery driver to you as urgent.. so im all sorted now and have my phone.. thanks got 

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Re: Yodel Delivery Problems

ooooh, I wasnt that lucky, turns out that was my router that went next door. The nice delivery driver just didnt write a parcel number on my card. The phone is still missing in action. I have like 10 routers, I couldnt care less about that, but where is the phone!

The nice yodel man on the phone decided to tell me about his nan living near me to divert my attention away from the fact that he said, oh you used that redelivery on the website, yeah doesnt work, never has.

What about th efact that your mates at yodel have told me twice over the phone its on its way right now, to the right address.... oh my god the system has just gone down would you look at that.

Contacted watchdog, that releived the anger slightly.

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Re: Yodel Delivery Problems

The phone is here! Praise the lord.

Only they delivered it.... to the next door neighbour and didnt leave a card! Not only that, but they INSISTED, that it was delivered to my dad, and signed for by him at the home address. How dare they! RAGE.

Just spent 20 minutes yelling at them, while they insited it was delivered to that address, whilst it wasnt?!?!?!

I hate you virgin media, I really do for putting us through this hell.

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Re: Yodel Delivery Problems

Hello Nalini,


You sound like you had an extremely poor service from Yodel. Please can you reply to the private message I've sent and I'll feed this back - the more we feed these things back, hopefully the better we can get the service.


Many thanks for your continued time,



Krystal Evans
Mobile Help & Support Forum Team

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Re: Yodel Delivery Problems


Well, just another Yodel victim it seems.


My MIL was in from 0800. It rained so she didn't go out. I came back at 1500hrs. No phone.

Checked the Yodel website only to see


No One To Receive Card Left 1233


Well, same old story, someone WAS IN all day, and there's certainly no card...


Called Yodel, they said the drivers have to take pictures of the addresses they don't/can't deliver to, to prove they've been, but its only updated once they get back to the depot... Will be interesting to see if they prove this.


I "rebooked" it using their phone system, but once I got to speak to someone 20 minutes later, they said there was no record of it on their system, and they would rebook it for me...

Watch this space.


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Re: Yodel Delivery Problems

Arrived the next day...Got off lightly there, Yodel. Doesn't explain the "no reply left note" though...

Good luck folks, and erm, don't wait up!


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Re: Yodel Delivery Problems

I had a really drawn out issue with Yodel. (Nov-Apr) My parcel was delivered to the wrong address but was relocated and delivered to me, no thanks to Yodel, just a delivery driver who lives on my road. Anyway, even though I recieved my parcel eventually, it had involved me calling their premium rate number god knows how many times and trying to make myself understood to the rudest staff I have ever encountered. So, I complained anyway. I decided the very least I deserved was an apology from a manager. I phoned and emailed, both Yodel and the company I had made the original purchase from. Trying to talk to a manager was like pulling teeth. Eventually, Yodel's head of international networks phoned me and apologised. I told him that at this point that really wasn't good enough. Long story short, he compensated me for the phonecalls I had to make to Yodel. It's a small victory but my constant emailing obviously hacked him off. 

So what i'm saying is, keep harrassing the b*stards!! Even if your issue is resolved eventually, complain anyway! Complain about the process, about how long it took, about horrible staff, about delivery drivers who don't do their jobs, about parcels chucked over fences and left in the rain!! If we don't see these things through they will continue to be as **bleep** as they are now! People seem to think they only have the right to complain while their grievance is ongoing, this is not true! If you've had a problem tell them! Also, target or boycott the companies who use them as delivery partners! Complain to Amazon, Zalando, Tesco Direct, Sports Direct, Thorntons, Littlewoods, Very, Carphone Warehouse, Ideal World, Boots and Argos, amongst many others.


There is a website called CEO email addresses and I believe an email address and phone number for the CEO of Yodel are on there.

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Re: Yodel Delivery Problems

My experience with Yodel, what a farse!!!!


I ordered on 28th April 2012 a Laptop from PC world after they confirmed everything in come Yodel.


Collected from Hatfield however not delivered to intended (Paid for by Credit Card)


The tracking number was sent to track




Out for Delivery 07.00am  (Great confirmed on Yodel Tracking Site)


4pm arrives (call to Yodel 10 minute delay, response "your item is on its way to you and will be with you no later than 17:30pm"


Great that cost me £2.10p to call Yodel


17:28pm No Delivery


Call Yodel 10 minute delay, response "your item latest delivery if the driver is assigned to overtime can be up to 20:00pm"


I asked if they could get in contact with the driver, they asked for my direct mobile number I gave it to them, they said they would put on the system for the driver to use (What ever that meant)


Just to but in I think that this company and its many profit making senior executive director's need to look at the strategies being used to be out of date, displeasing and somewhat unreasonable.


They cannot directly get in contact with their drivers?


They have an updating system online but no contact with the driver seems odd to me or JUST PLAIN AWKWARD..


The Customer Service Centre and the ones on the end of the phone seem to be very contradictory to what they actually tell you, I say this as when you call in you may hear the out bound conversations of other callers, and I did actually here one say yes I will get the driver to give you a call.


So what are these Yodel Customer Service Representatives playing at?


They probably make more money by keeping you on the telephone line and drawing of the commission gained by the supplier, than from the actual delivery service they are supposed to supply.


So at 19:30pm I called the Yodel Centre again this time they said the driver had been and pushed a card through, I can not believe how this could of been.


It stated on the online tracker this information it said could not get a response left customer calling card, time 19:17pm, I checked my CCTV and there was nothing no card no attempt it was blatant lies.


I said no one has been they said yes I agree and do not dispute as the item has no scanned reference to approve this, I said well why has it gone back to the base when I have been told you have up until 8pm- 9pm to deliver, he then said I will get this out tomorrow and send an email.


Their email can take upto a day to be read?~?#/#/#/


It then updated the item had been returned to depo.


Yodel are a joke, I will be seeking compensation fro the calls through the supplier I stand by what it said it was out for delivery and should of been delivered on the day.


They say its not guaranteed. I say plaster for every cut.


My advise they keep mentioning about scanning issues, not sure if Yodel are anything to do with Collect plus but they use the same stupid nonsense excuses.


They are outdated and insufficient and I would not recommend them.






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Re: Yodel Delivery Problems

[ Edited ]

 check this tracking list from yodel, what a work of fiction this is.....


Can anyone beat it?


p.s. I never did get the phone and the MRS UNDERHILL IS A FICTION as it was returned to virgin a day later than the supposed delivery date (not to mention it looks like Mrs underhill is in Coventry and I am around 70 miles away in London).



Out for delivery04/05/1204:34 COVENTRY SERVICE CENTRE 
Held - Awaiting Booking-In Date03/05/1207:12 COVENTRY SERVICE CENTRE 
Arrived At Depot03/05/1201:50 COVENTRY SERVICE CENTRE 
Arrived At Depot03/05/1201:37 COVENTRY SERVICE CENTRE 
Departed Depot02/05/1221:19 HATFIELD TERMINAL 
Arrived At Depot02/05/1221:10 HATFIELD TERMINAL 
Departed Depot02/05/1216:18 ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Item returned to sender01/05/1214:29 ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Delivery tried,awaiting instruction01/05/1207:39 ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Delivery tried,awaiting instruction30/04/1218:43 ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Delivery tried,awaiting instruction30/04/1206:29 ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Delivery tried,awaiting instruction28/04/1206:00 ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Delivery tried,awaiting instruction27/04/1218:59 ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Delivery tried,awaiting instruction27/04/1207:30 ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Delivery tried,awaiting instruction26/04/1208:22 ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Delivery tried,awaiting instruction25/04/1219:42 ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Delivery tried,awaiting instruction25/04/1207:52 ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Delivery tried,awaiting instruction24/04/1219:18 ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Delivery tried,awaiting instruction24/04/1207:09 ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Delivery tried,awaiting instruction23/04/1218:38 ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Parcel returned to delivery depot23/04/12  ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
No One To Receive Card Left23/04/1209:32 ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Out for delivery23/04/1207:49 ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Scanned as part of secure process23/04/12  ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Arrived At Depot23/04/1206:03 ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE 
Load Transfer Receipt22/04/12  NORTHAMPTON SERVICE CENTRE 
Parcel data received awaiting coll.22/04/12  


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Re: Yodel Delivery Problems

Hi Folks


Upgraed my mobile (was end of contract) on Wednesday, i was told it would be delivered Thursday (if not Thursday it would be Friday)

So the wife stays off work to accept delivery on Thursday (checked online tracking and parcel was at delivery depot nearby)..nothing Thursday

I stayed off work on the Friday, checked online, same status (in transit) nothing Friday


Called Yodel today to find out its down for Monday delivery and "cannot" confirm it WILL arrive Monday

They stated that VM should not give me arrival dates as they are only a courier service? O_o


I have been charged a delivery service for this, surley i will not be charged this after lossing 2 days of work


Disgruntled Lee

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