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Xbox live - can't connect to party

Hi all,


I'm hoping someone maybe able to help with this...


I currently have my system set up as so;


A modem, with an ethernet cable running to a router (linksys WRT54GS) in my living room.  This then has an ethernet cable connected up to an xbox 360.  I also have a couple of laptops that connect up wirelessly.


I can connect to xbox live fine and play games online.  The problem arises when I try to connect to parties that my mates invite me too.  I have found, if any of my mates are with virgin media I can't connect at all to them.  But if they are with another ISP, it works fine (like my mate with tiscali).


Now, if I connect the ethernet cable that runs from my modem direct to the xbox, then it works fine.  I have also found this problem only started when I upgraded from 2MB to 10MB.


Does anyone have any idea?

One to Watch
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Re: Xbox live - can't connect to party

try opening the ports for your xbox ( search google for xbox 360 ports)

this should help, also make sure your NAT connection is open, also check that your router has the latest update

Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: Xbox live - can't connect to party

All been done.  I opened up ports 88 (UDP) and 3074 (both).  I even set my xbox to get network details manually as was told this may help.  Someone mentioned enabling DMZ for the IP the xbox uses so I've done that.  I've enabled UPnP as was told that should help.  I upgraded the firmware and still the same problem.


I'm certain its not a router problem as it used to work fine.  Its very frustrating.  When I load up the game (Modern Warfare 2), it actually says my NAT is set to open.


My other friends on virgin have no problems connecting to each other and like I said, when I plug my modem straight to the xbox, it works fine.

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Re: Xbox live - can't connect to party

My partner is a gamer and he gets a similar problem. This seems to happen more at night when there are more people playing. Does this happen to you?


He was blaming me for being on my laptop at the same time, but that doesn't always coincide with the problem. We have same modem as you and we are on 10 Mb.


We are going to try and get an upgraded modem and router and also upgrade to 50 Mb package, this is the best one to have for multiple uses and users in the home and especially for gamers.