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Xbox 360 chat not working on L broadband package

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Im a bit confused, when i first moved to Virgin my xbox360 was behaving completely normally.  However today i joined a game of Modern Warfare 2 and found that with my headset connected and not muted i couldnt chat in game , lobby or in party.


The chat headset was tested and i could record a message (voice) and send it to a friend on xbox live who was in the party that i couldnt chat to.  So no problem with the headset hardware or controller there.


Xbox 360 is cat cabled to the router.


I tried the following.


- assigned a fixed IP to my 360

- set port forwarding for the recommended ports by microsoft for xboxlive

- checked my NAT and Upnp and confirmed that NAT = open and Upnp was enabled

- verified via the 360 network test that my NAT wasnt restricted.

- rebooted cable modem and the netgear wgr614v9 wireless g-router


Problem remained.


so i tried the following.


- put the 360 outside of the DMZ (strangely this caused the NAT to become moderate??)

- changed mtu to 1394


Problem remained.


Gave up, switched on PS3, started up a game that used the chat function and this worked fine.


Does Virgin have some restrictions on Voip for the Xbox live service that i am not aware of?

Does the wgr614v9 wireless g-router not work with xbox live service on Virgin broadband.


I found one similar topic of this on the support forums but no solutions.  if anyone found out how to resolve this i would like to hear how it was resolved.

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Re: Xbox 360 chat not working on L broadband package

I am having the exact same problem,everything was fine up till few days ago then I started cutting up on Live to the point now,my friends cant hear me at all yet I can hear them. Question is, is it going to be a case of having to leave Virgin because of this problem or will it be fixed by them (I'm sceptical!. Its so annoying as it totally ruins online play, anybody got any ideas??

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Re: Xbox 360 chat not working on L broadband package

I have a problem close to the one you both mention. In black ops games everyone else can hear me, but 2 of my friends can only hear me cutting in and out. Strangly it does not cut up sometime, and I can always hear them no problem.  We also have an issue with the xbl party we can't connect to one, but I can connect to a friend of theirs, and their friend can join my party invite. Once that is done my friends can join. But once that firend of their leaves (who is also in my friend list) they get dissconnected from the party.


And both nat's are open (black ops says so, and xbl test has green all the way through)

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Re: Xbox 360 chat not working on L broadband package

i'm still no closer to solving this problem but literally tried everything now,wired and wireless,different xbox's,different headsets and has to be something Virgin has changed, some sort of update which has affected this as its not an Xbox problem.Everything was fine then one day it just started to go and now it cuts out constantly yet my friend who live nearby who are also on Virgin can talk and I can hear them???? i am completely baffled and still trying to get an answer from Virgin...have even submitted a complaints form and had no response......