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XBOX One (Super Hub)

I have just got a new replacement Super Hub that replaced my Older Super Hub, I have to say this has been the most unreliable Router I have ever used, I think I have had about 6 or 7 Super Hubs before that I think I had one or two routers from Cable and Wireless / Telewest / Blueyonder... any way: -

I get the following message on XBOX One Network test, : -

Your download speed is too slow 

Your download speed is 20 KB/s. This is too slow and may be affecting network quality
Other Devices on your network can also be slowing you down. Try turning them off.
For more info, visit 


This is a Speed Test from my PC: -


What I'm going to do because I don't want to sit on the phone to some one reading question 1 / question 2 / ect, I have put the Super Hub into Dumb Mode (Modem Mode) and using my Old NETGEAR WND R3700...

working a treat Smiley Frustrated So issue again is with the Super Hub Smiley Sad

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Re: XBOX One (Super Hub)

Wired or wireless?
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Re: XBOX One (Super Hub)

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Wireless but I did try wired!

I have had a few games using wireless on my Netgear and all is working perfectly now, but I would like not to have two devices...

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Re: XBOX One (Super Hub)

Hi o0MattE0o,


Have you tried any of the work arounds regarding the Xbone? Such as enabling the Ip Sec passthrough on the firewall or enabling UPnP? From that speed test looks perfect so don't think this is an issue with the hub in particular. Unless, of course, that test was done while you were already in modem mode...

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Re: XBOX One (Super Hub)

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Never mind I have lost faith in Virgin Media Software editing and have converted to a standard setup that gives me far far better range and quality using a standard Netgear Router...

I Cant comment on Super Hub 2 but the super hub is a hunk of **it always has been...\



As for you questions

XBOX One is in DMZ
I have tested firewall completely off and IPsec passthrough and this dose not help, I just come to the conclusion that Virgin Media dose not know how to monitor Us without messing up the quality, so if any one else has any issues with XBOX...

1. Put Virgin Media Super Hub into Modem mode

2. Attach a real Router

3. Play XBOX One with no issues

P.S Im happy for you to send out another Super hub but don't think this will help!

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Re: XBOX One (Super Hub)

o0MattE0o wrote:
I Cant comment on Super Hub 2 but the super hub is a hunk of **it always has been...\

Depends how you look at you still need the super hub so it can't be that bad all things a side it does well staying online continuously in modem mode.



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