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Wireless not working on Superhub

Since yesterday none of my wireless devices have been able to hold a stable wireless connection from my superhub, the signal seems to drop out all the time and becomes undiscoverable. I've tried resetting the router but nothing seems to be fixing it. My PC is working as normal with a wired connection. Can you please suggest anything? or is it a faulty router?



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Re: Wireless not working on Superhub


have a look at that - if you have had a reset of the hub it will have lost any custom settings


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Re: Wireless not working on Superhub

Hi Chris_Bywater,

Can you also try changing the wireless channel that the Superhub is broadcasting on. For example, it is by default set to auto, however by changing it to a specific channel like 11, this could resolve your issue.

Please let us know if this does it for you.
Kind Regards,

Oliver C

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