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Wireless keeps disconnecting

I am currently having problems with my home wireless broadband.  For the past couple of weeks, the internet keeps disconnecting - a little yellow triangle with a black warning sign appears in the bottom right hand of my screen on top of my signal strength.  We have two laptops in the household and they both disconnect, normally at the same time although one sometimes carries on when the other has been disconnected.  We have been with Virgin for some time but this problem has only just occurred over the last two weeks and is causing a problem when working from home.


Although it is happening all the time, I notice is happens quicker and more often if I log in to Cisco.

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Re: Wireless keeps disconnecting

Hi Please Select Your Modem/Router from the list below

AMbit 256 And Dlink – including any older model of modem i.e Motorola or surfboard

VM Hub VMDG280

VMNG300 (50mb) Modem


and also click here to do a speed test

also can you tell us if your connection to the router is Ethernet or wireless

if your on wireless try to change the wireless channel (also try to download inSSIDer that will tell you what wireless channel isn’t being used or the least used)

and post all the results here makes it quicker at diagnosing the issue


also if using the AMbit 256 modem or the VMNG300 (50mb) Modem can you make sure you have removed the router and put the Ethernet lead straight into the modem and reboot the modem and computer. And if using the superhub try to put it into modem mode by following this guide Superhub in Modem Mode

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