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Fresh as a Daisy
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Wireless N Adapter

I am awaiting delivery of the wireless superhub and wondered if there was another type of Wireless N Adapter that I could purchase other than the £30 from Virgin? Virgin must need to make a profit from selling these and they are available on the market for £10-15, just wondered if anyone had a recommendation.
Captain Clued-Up
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Re: Wireless N Adapter



sorry, I do not have a specific recommendation for you, but you are correct: The Superhub should work with any wireless 'n' adaptor.


The Superhub supports wireless transfers at up to 300Mbps, but most people will recommend that you manually configure the Superhub to change the maximum supported speed down to 145 Mbps. Wireless connections tend to be more robust at this reduced rate.


I have been largely satisfied with the TP Link brand in the past. I know they offer a variety of wireless adaptors, I would suggest that you are unlikely to be unhappy with one of these. 


I don't work for Virgin Media. Any advice I offer is correct to the best of my knowledge, but is taken at your own risk.
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Re: Wireless N Adapter

as far as i know any wireless N adaptor will work - i believe the Virgin one is a standard Netgear - probably with a virgin logo on it


go to that well know auction site and new ones with the same model number are about a tenner


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Re: Wireless N Adapter



any wireless adapter will work with the superhub fortunantly!


the wnda3200 netgear rangemax (virginmedia) wireless adapter can run comfortably at 300mbps


it is avaliable on ebay (not sure how they are that low) but they range from £6 to £30


this is the netgear branded version of it (only difference is virgin media logo not there but netgear)


exactally the same adapter £7.49 inc p&p


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