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Wireless Connection keeps dropping, no or limited access.


I have L package, and can connect to the internet via wireless connections.

However,  I am getting increasingly frustrated with the connection. It keeps dropping and either having None or Limited Access, i.e. no internet.


I have moved the router away from interference, changed channel, and everything else that seems to be mentioned.

I have checked service status, but always says good service, so either my problem is limited to me or it isn't getting updated.


Help please?

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Re: Wireless Connection keeps dropping, no or limited access.

Hi Mullhon2,


Are you able to get a connection via ethernet cable? If so, do you experience the same issues? The reason I ask is because your modem is currently experiencing a downstream power level issue and if it is affecting your wired connection also, we will need to book you an engineer. 


If of course this is only a wireless issue, can you confirm whether you have updated your drivers for the wireless card?

Kind Regards,

Oliver C

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