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Windows 7 and D-Link DSL-2640R cannot connect.

Hi I've got a problem with my broadband connection.

I'm using D-Link wireless router model DSL-2640R


I can't get connected with my laptop and with my mobile.


I've got laptop with Windows 7 and when i tried to connect via wireless it says "no internet access", "limitted access".


My mobile is HTC G1 with Android and can't get internet on it either ...

I've got second laptop with Windows XP and everything works fine. ( This is the one I'm posting from )

Also on my Playstation 3 internet is running fine.


I've tried to change channels i tried Automatic channels I traied 1, 6 and 11 channel but nothing helps.

I've tried to connect via wired connection but this doesn't work either ...

I've tried to reset router dind't help.


Any solutions ?

Can virgin media change my rounter for another one maybe ? Because I read about this router in internet and many people says that its not compatible with windows 7 ...


How about if I install new firmware for router ? I'm running 1.06 firmware version at the moment and there is 1.09 already. Will this help maybe ?

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Re: Windows 7 and D-Link DSL-2640R cannot connect.

Ok somewhow i managed to get interenet running on my HTC Mobile but still can't get it right on my Laptop with Windows 7 ...



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Re: Windows 7 and D-Link DSL-2640R cannot connect.

[ Edited ]

Hi edi1165




           There aren't any known issue with Windows 7 and the D-Link 2640r that I know of.

 If you have tried a pinhole reset I would advise You to try a firmware reset .


Hold the rest button for 20 seconds, After 20 seconds keep the reset button held in & remove the power cable. Count another 20 seconds and put the power cable back in still keep the reset button held in count a further 20 seconds .


Then release the reset button, Make sure you have the Ethernet cable connected between the pc and router, when the DSL light is solid green access the router setup pages and renter your details.




                1 Open up your web browser (typically Internet Explorer or Safari)


                2 Enter into the address bar and press enter


                3 You will be prompted for a username and password; please enter 'admin' into both of these fields and click 'OK'


                4 You will now be greeted with the D-Link router interface.
Click 'Setup' in the grey horizontal menu bar.


                5 Now, click the link on the left that says 'ADSL Setup'


                6 You now need to click the 'Manual Setup' tick box




You now have the 'ADSL Setup' page in front of you and can enter your broadband settings as follows



                WAN Connection : Leave as PVC0


                Manual ADSL Connection Setup : Select PPPoE/PPPoA


                Username : Enter your username in the format ''


                Password : Enter your broadband password


                Service Name : Leave empty


                Connection Type : Select PPPoA VC-Mux


                Do not change the settings in the MTU, Idle Time Out, Authentication, NAT, IGMP & Default Route fields


               VPI : 0


               VCI : 38


               Virtual Circuit : Select Enable


               Do not change the settings in the Service Category, PCR, SCR and MBS fields


After you have selected and entered all the desired information then click the 'Save Settings' button at the very bottom of the page.


Once the settings have been changed, click the 'Connect' button, which is also at the bottom of the page.


If all the settings are correct then your router will establish a connection to the internet. The image on the left hand menu side will display 'Internet Online' to signify a connection.




 Now to setup the wireless


In the same D-Link router interface page click the link on the left that says 'Wireless Setup'


Your Wireless Network settings are as follows:



                Enable Wireless : Make sure this is ticked in order for your router to broadcast a wireless signal Wireless


               Network Name (SSID) : Enter a name for your wireless network - you will see this name whenever you scan for networks


              Enable Auto Channel Scan : Ensure this is ticked


              802.11 Mode : This needs to be 'Mixed 802.11g and 802.11b'


              Wireless Security Mode - You only need to change settings in this section if you wish to secure your network 


             Security Mode : Select 'WPA-Personal' from the list


             WPA - WPA Mode : Please choose 'Auto' here and enter '0' as the Group Key Interval Update


             Pre-Shared Key : You can enter a security key here. Please memorise this as you will need it to connect to your wireless network



Once you are happy with the settings for your wireless network, click 'Apply' at the bottom of the page to implement the changes.



Your wireless network is now set-up and ready to use!



one important note you need to make sure that your wireless adaptor in your pc is compatible with WPA-Personal encryption if you are not sure your local Pc vendor will be able you show you.


 If you find you are still facing difficulties connecting wireless to your pc you could try our Remote Assistance and online support


You did mention you tried to connect via wired connection but this doesn't work if that is the case and your other pc with Windows XP works fine then please call in to our technical support team on 0845 454 2222 opt 3 for further assistance to check you Pc settings.


 As to the firmware I'm sorry we cannot advise you to upgrade / flash this, If there is a problem with the router and is under warrantee Technical support will be able to assist you.







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